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We have often heard  expressions like “the kitchen is the heart of the home “or “ the kitchen sells the home “, although this can not be discounted it does come close to the truth when certain details have been taken into account.

What we do know is that the kitchen is a crucial part of the home . It reflects how we live , who we are and it forms an integral part of our lives. A kitchen should be  aesthetically pleasing but also functional, stylish but not  that fashionable that it becomes prehistoric within a few years ( a note of caution : ‘’ for an idea ever to be fashionable is ominous since it must afterward be old fashioned - Gerge Santayana .” )

Those that ever have had a badly planned kitchen on the other hand , can fully apprehend  how serious a place of discomfort and inconvenience a kitchen can be , like a door opening the wrong way ,doors where there should be drawers or what was once a fashionable colour seems dowdy a few years later.

The primary function of our articles is to provide the reader with a resource to explore functional and inventive ways to creating there dream kitchen. We will show you how to get the kitchen to work for you, the way you cook and the way you live.

We will help you from start to finish , from the planning stage to the installation of your kitchen.

Our senior designer has over 17 years experience and diploma qualified in the UK.

A Fusion Of Function And Style.

At Signature we are dedicated to not only providing quality cabinetry but  a top quality service to all  our clients.

We recognise that people are individual and are able to provide a service tailor made for each client ensuring that your design is uniquely you.

Your kitchen will be designed and styled around you and you alone. With us you can let your dreams go wild. We will design and deliver a kitchen that is uniquely you  and uniquely yours.

Our substantial skills  and experience mixed with a passion for what we do  means we will deliver a seamless process from start to finish .

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We Offer a design service that is truly exceptional , 3D and remarkably  realistic using state of the art software.

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Everything you need to know  about kitchens from start to finish.